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Official Site of Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake



In 1978, Brutus got his start teaming with Hulk Hogan as one half of “The Boulder Brothers,” Eddie Boulder. He wrestled both in the tag team ranks and also in singles competition (under variations to that name) in Memphis, Mid-South, AWA, NWA, New Japan & Germany.

As one of the top name talents during WWE’s national expansion in the 1980s, Brutus beefcake would soon go on to work with virtually everyone. He battled his archenemies like Adrian Adonis, the Honky Tonk Man, Outlaw Ron Bass and Mr. Perfect. He stood by the side of Roddy Piper, the Ultimate Warrior, and his very good friend “The Immortal” Hulk Hogan.

EARLY WWE DAYS – After a few minor matches in the WWF, he was widely recognized as the cornerstone member of manager “Luscious” Johnny Valiant’s Dream Team.

Donning the persona of a cocky male exotic dancer, the WWF fans hated him worldwide.

The Dream team

THE DREAM TEAM – It was not before long that Brutus Beefcake won his first taste of gold; The WWF World Tag Team Championships. Tagging with his partner, Hall of Famer, Greg “The Hammer” Valentine in 1985, they really tore up the tag team scene.


Brutus broke out on his own and became white hot after Roddy Piper defeated Adrian Adonis in a Hair vs. Hair Match at WrestleMania III. Having problems with Adonis prior to the big bout, Beefcake helped Piper shave off Adrian’s beautiful locks in front of more than 93,000 WWE fans.

Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake was born. Let the cuttin’ and struttin’ begin…

Adding his trademark candy-striped garden shears for haircutting to his already wild look, this time, the fans ate it up. Wearing his animal print spandex pants now with massive cuts and holes, announcer Gorilla Monsoon once said, “It looks like a hand grenade went off in his pocket.”

Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake immediately became a fan-favorite. He then began to finish off his opponents with his new finisher, the Sleeper Hold, and then would proceed to cut off their hair practically every match to add insult to injury.



MEGA-MANIACS / NO HOLDS BARRED – In 1990, Brutus headlined with Hulk Hogan against “Macho Man” Randy Savage & Zeus in the hugely famous main event of SummerSlam ’89. He also was the individual responsible for ending Mr. Perfect’s nearly two-year-long perfect record undefeated streak.


FREAK ACCIDENT – The future was looking bright. The Barber was on his way to even big opportunities when he encountered a horrible obstacle.  In a parasailing accident in 1990, he shattered practically every bone in his face, (which you can soon read about in his upcoming autobiography.)

Overcoming adversity, however, is one of Brutus Beefcake’s specialties. He would not let the injury hold him back. He persevered. He survived. He made miraculous comeback.


BARBERSHOP / WWE COMEBACK – In 1991, he jumped back into the ring with eight titanium plates, 32 screws and 100 feet of steel wire holding his head together.

When he finally made it back to WWF television, Brutus hosted his own live interview spot, “The Barber Shop,” which was very much a replacement for the popular Piper’s Pit. However, he was NOT done wrestling. After his interviewing run, he joined forces once again with his buddy, The Hulkster, to headline against “Money Incorporated” members Ted DiBiase & Irwin R. Schyster for the main event of WrestleMania IX.


WCW RUN – That was not all. Soon after, Beefcake jumped ship to WCW, which was really on fire. He got into his opponent’s heads by taking on a number of different roles to really throw them off, and he subsequently found success.


The Butcher

THE BUTCHER / 3 FACES OF FEAR – After a brief introductory run with Hogan as Brother Bruti, Brutus turned on his long time friend and joined forces with Kevin Sullivan & Avalanche aka Earthquake.

After some infighting, the group fizzled. The Butcher suffered an unsuspected injury at the hand’s of Sullivan and subsequently lost his memory. From the injury, he then shortly took on the moniker, “The Man with No Name.”



ZODIAC / DUNGEON OF DOOM – Brutus then painted his face, spiked up his hair and took on the insane persona. As the Zodiac, he would run to the ring, shouting the only words he knew, “Yes! No! Yes! No!”

Finding leadership once again from “Taskmaster”Kevin Sullivan, he joined a whole cast of misfits including The Giant (aka Big Show), Kamala, the Yeti, the Shark, Meng and a number of other scary wrestlers. Eventually, it was learned that Hulk Hogan re-befriended Brutus, who helped take down the Dungeon from within as a mole.


Booty Man, Macho & Hulkster

THE BOOTY MAN – Back as a fan-favorite, Brutus returned as a man who was infatuated with his own butt. His finishing move was “The High Knee.” Get it? …Heiny?

As Booty, he was much more like the character fans remembered from WWE. He was like the Barber, only with rears instead of sheers.

Booty Man had the lovely valet The Booty Babe aka Kimberly Page by his side, and had an impressive feud with Diamond Dallas Page.


The Disciple with Vincent, Hogan & Scott Hall

THE DISCIPLE – After a quick break from WCW, he eventually returned and joined one of the famous wrestling factions of all time, the dreaded NWO.

The Disciple did Hollywood Hulk Hogan’s evil bidding, until the Ultimate Warrior came along, abducted him, and pulled him from the darkness into the light.


Before the folding of the company, Brutus ended his career in WCW in full-circle fashion.

Dressed back in a guise that looked very much like his days as Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake, he wrestled his last match there under his real name, Ed Leslie, against Hacksaw Jim Duggan.


TODAY – Brutus Beefcake will always be remembered as one of the most popular competitors of his generation. He continues to wrestle everywhere around the world and still makes appearances to this very day.

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